Handball in Berlin

January 12, 2016

Berlin is a huge city with equally huge offerings. I teamed up with Expedia to check out the key tourism spots of the city along with the olympic sport of handball. I was ecstatic to visit Berlin, but to be honest I really didn’t know what to expect from handball – I wasn’t familiar with the sport, but for some reason was expecting it to be kind of boring – how wrong I was.


I’ll keep this brief – my full guide is over on Expedia’s blog, but I wanted to do a quick visual diary of my favourite sights from the city while I was there. Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, the TV Tower – these are some really memorable sights steeped in incredible history. My favourite thing about the city is probably the old/new architectural contrast scattered everywhere you look – the Reichstag is the strongest embodiment of this.

1 - Brandenburg gate 1 2- Brandenburg Gate 23 - Reichstag Building 1 4 - Reichstag Building 2 5 - Reichstag Building 3

6 - TV tower

I’m certainly not a history buff, but a city as unique as Berlin is really interesting and genuinely entertaining to learn about. All of these attractions explain not only their own origins but also the neat details of the city and its people as a whole; essentially why Berlin is just so Berlin. 

7 - Gendarmenmarkt 18 - Gendarmenmarkt 2

To read my full city guide to Berlin, check it out over on the Expedia blog right here, and if you want to see the sportier version of the video above used by Expedia themselves, check it out below.


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