April 6, 2015

Spring is here.

1 C

Which means Easter eggs are here…

Dessert 9.1

Dessert 9.2

Which means eating those Easter eggs.Dessert 9.3

This year however, the Easter egg idea was trumped by this:

Dessert 8

It’s called a Slutty Brownie Sundae.

Dead easy to make. And really ridiculous. A lady named Rose came up with the idea for this a few years back. You might have heard of her before. Good job Rose.

If you want to make one, you’ll need:

  • One or two Oreos, crushed
  • Slutty Brownies – recipe here
  • Haaggen-Dazs – I used cookie dough flavour.
  • A possible desire for type 2 diabetes

So, make the brownies as normal. Then, crush up an Oreo or two…

Dessert 1

Take out your ice cream…

And add a dollop onto  the crushed Oreos…

Dessert 3

Then take your brownies (warm them up in the microwave if they’re cool)

And layer them to the top of the glass with more ice cream…Dessert 5

Dessert 6

And finally top with whipped cream.

Done. Enjoy the sugar coma.

Dessert 8


To top everything off in the evening – and because you’ve already ruined all forms of clean eating by having those sundaes – give this Eight Degrees amber ale a try

Evening 1

You won’t be disappointed. It’s an Irish made beer, and it came third in the World Beer Cup. That is a real thing. You can order it online too, although only in bulk. Not as if that is a problem or anything…

Evening 2


Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Evening 3Evening 2.5DSC_0910

Evening Final




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