Heineken Kinsale Sevens

May 7, 2015

Last weekend, I had the fortune of being invited along to the Heineken Kinsale Sevens at Kinsale RFC. The Kinsale Sevens (or 7s as some hip people spell it) is billed as the premier rugby sevens tournament in Ireland and across Europe. Translation: One of the best piss ups that everyone can enjoy, in one of the best towns in Ireland (Also, with one of the my favourite beers: Heineken!). While the weather generally doesn’t live up to expectations , the sporting prowess and banter always does – and this year was no different.

The Kinsale Sevens Video

Heineken Kinsale Sevens

Wanna know something cool about this years Kinsale Sevens? Cork start up Instamedia asked me to help them out, because the organisers of the tournament liked my style of shooting. I ended up taking the reigns on this video project in partnership with Heineken. From concept, to creation, and deliveryl a big task, but big experience under the belt. I would have liked to have had my own branding on the video alongside Instamedia after all the effort I put in, but unfortunately that idea was scrapped after I handed the finished product over. It is a bit of a pity for sure (referral business is invaluable!), but it is not a big deal in the long run. Anyway, check out the video above for the aftermovie – I hope you like it!


Heineken Kinsale Sevens - Kinsale 7s -Kinsale RFC- Rugby in Kinsale - Mens Elite Champions


It is actually a pretty remarkable event. Some of the world’s finest rugby sevens teams all descend upon Kinsale town, providing wonderful display of fast paced Rugby. This is complimented against the backdrop of Kinsale’s historic and unique brand of hospitality. Everywhere is more or less central in Kinsale – accommodation is never too far from anywhere if you’re staying within the town, and there are plenty of hotels and B&B’s to choose from such as Acton’s and The Blue Haven. The town does book out fast though – booking in advance is essential.

The Sevens tournament causes a massive influx of visitors to Kinsale every year. And with big league sponsors like Heineken on board, you know this rugby weekend means big business. The Kinsale Sevens tournament welcomes almost 100 teams and 10,000 visitors from all over the world every May Bank holiday weekend, contributing about €5m towards the local economy. And what is most remarkable about all this? The Heineken Kinsale Sevens has been an annual event since 1988, and is operated entirely by hundreds of volunteers. Now that is incredible – and its all due to the the unique hosting capabilities of Kinsale towns businesses and services. Nightlife wise, there are actually quite a lot of spots to choose from – Hamlets will be popular with the much younger crowd, so be aware of that if you’re over 21 or so. Also note that Heineken and alcohol brands owned by Heineken (think Orchard Thieves etc) will be taking over most bars in the town. After all, they are sponsoring the event.

Heineken Kinsale Sevens - Kinsale 7s -Kinsale RFC- Rugby in Kinsale

Sevens Kinsales – Kinsale Rugby 7’s

This years event saw North Wales Exiles, Lightning Bolts & Wooden Spoon Women take home the trophies in the Men’s Elite, Open and Women’s sevens leagues – it was not easy weather conditions, but the best teams certainly won.

Heineken Kinsale Sevens - Kinsale 7s -Kinsale RFC- Rugby in Kinsale - Mens Elite Champions

Heineken Kinsale Sevens – Kinsale Rugby 7’s

A bit of a back story about Kinsale if you didn’t already know: Kinsale is pretty historic fishing town in Cork, with a big military history and some great old forts like Charles Fort and James Fort to explore. There’s an incredible golf course there – located at the Old Head of Kinsale. While its population is low (with less than 3,000 permanent residents), its thriving tourism industry swells the number over the summer and throughout the year.

Oh, also, a foot golf course just opened in Kinsale, and it is fugging awesome. No seriously. Check it out. For more visitor information on Kinsale and the tourism in the town, check out the official tourism website here.

I hope you had a great bank holiday weekend – and enjoy your visit to West Cork – and while you’re having a pint of Heineken down there, make sure to fit in some pints of the local Irish craft beers too!

Take it easy,


Heineken Kinsale Sevens - Kinsale 7s -Kinsale RFC- Rugby in Kinsale

Heineken Kinsale Sevens

All photos in this blog post on the Kinsale Sevens were taken by the extremely talented John Allen. Shoutout to Heineken for being cool and sponsoring the Kinsale Sevens too; a small rugby tournament with big appeal. Dat grassroots sponsoring campaign doe.

Heineken Kinsale Sevens and accomodation in kinsale for the rugby tournament – Apartments to rent in Kinsale and houses to rent in kinsale for the sevens rugby – and restaurants in Kinsale for the Sevens weekend of rugby


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