New York, New York

August 10, 2015

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New York City. The city that never sleeps – which suits me perfectly. Just take a look at this and I think you’ll agree…

I got to spend some time in this urban jungle recently – as you might have seen if you follow the Tom Sauce Facebook and Instagram. To help get my bearings and guide me stateside, I met up with some interesting people who were certainly more familiar with the city than myself: fashion and lifestyle bloggers Erika Fox (Retro Flame), Lorna Ruane (LC’s Closet), and Louise Cooney ( I wanted to get a better idea of what real life is like in the Big Apple as opposed to what tourist life is like, and since I’ve met them I’m starting to think I may need to spend a year over there myself.

For anyone wanting to read more about the experience of living in New York – or if you’re interested in moving over too – then you need to check out the recent article by USIT here which featured Erika, Lorna and Louise. Be sure to check out their blogs too – these girls are most definitely going places.

New York has a never-ending list of tourist attractions and things to do. There are definitely a couple of musts to get done even on a brief visit though, and the top of the Rockefeller Centre is my number one. It’ll give you the best and most iconic view of the city, hands down. . .DSC_0072

A handy tip for a visit to the Rockefeller Centre: when you get to the outdoor observation deck, go straight up the escalators to the next level. There is no glass barrier on the top level, so you have a completely unobstructed view. A lot of people take a few minutes to realise there is a second level to the deck, so it’ll be quiet if you go straight up there on arrival.

You can get pretty hungry from seeing all these sights. Good food is never too far away, and a pit stop to refuel is a good way to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life. We tried out the Loeb Boathouse in the heart of Central Park – difficult to get reservations in, but certainly worth it…



Another quick tip: Five Guys is an absolute essential for any burger lover who is still (somehow) a Five Guys virgin, and there’s dozens of them in the city – Google Maps can point you to your nearest one. It’s very very convenient for those who want something quick and easy to maximise exploring time. And its also mouth wateringly good…


Speaking of exploring, the Museum of Modern Art is well worth a walk around. You can see everything from the instantly recognisable…



to the cool and quirky…

and my personal favourite, the downright odd…



An easy sample day would be to make it to the top of the Rockefeller centre in the morning, do some shopping in the early afternoon in Macy’s (they do extra discounts on Wednesdays), and then stop by Bryant Park for some happy hour drinks in the early evening. Afterwards you could go to a show on Broadway and check out Times Square – we went to The Lion King, and it was outstanding – or you can just stay in the park and soak up the atmosphere. Try and base yourself somewhere in or near to Times Square if you want to do a lot of tourist activities as many are centred in midtown. The Hilton Times Square and The Bryant Park Hotel are two great (but expensive) choices.

I was able to fit in some time for the all important night life – and it really didn’t disappoint. Le Bain is a rooftop bar and club that offers the most incredible views of the NYC skyline at night. The music is pretty repetitive but I don’t think that really matters when the Empire State Building is the backdrop to the bar and the toilet cubicles have better views than most people’s homes. I also spent a bit of time at Ballroom of The Jane Hotel, which is essentially extreme shabby chic crossed with the music video “Turn Down For What“. Cliché hipster paradise, yes, but a rave in an old world and opulent 5 star hotel is not something to be missed.

I’m looking forward to my next trip back already.



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